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                       RECENT YEARS

Recent years have been a challenging time. The 2020 summer fires swept through the vineyard and were then followed by two unusually wet seasons. With major renovation work required two new varieties- Fiano and Mencia- have been added to the varieties being grown.

This year is the first Fiano produced and it will complement our Verdelho, Tempranillo, Rose and Natural Sparkling.

                          AVAILABLE WINES

Season 2023 Verdelho, Fiano, Tempranillo and Natural Sparkling as well as 2022 Rose are now available for sale in 12 bottle cases, including mixed cases.


Rusty Fig Wines takes its name from the native Rusty Fig tree, also known as the Port Jackson, which grows on the slopes of Gulaga mountain overlooking the vineyard.

Due to the close proximity of our vineyard to the sea at nearby Bermagui, our wines display typical cool climate characteristics.


Dry and crisp, with subtle flavours of citrus and nuts for the whites, and berries for the red.


Because of the high acidity associated with cool climate wines, they age well, developing added richness over time.


Whites in our own cellar are drinking beautifully 8 years after bottling.


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